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MacCafé is an Apple Authorized Service Provider. As such we can provide a warranty, AppleCare Plus warranty, and non-warranty repairs for your Mac and iPad. The vast majority of our Mac repairs are completed by our experienced service team, here in our local facility. This gives us a greater degree of control over the process and saves time versus repair providers that dispatch your unit to regional repair centers.

We can do more than fix broken hardware. MacCafé offers a range of data-oriented services like backup, recovery, rescue, transfers, and malware removal.
Service appointments can be scheduled <> here or you can simply stop by. We accept walk-ins. A quick call before coming can be helpful in making sure you’ve got what is needed to properly diagnose and fix your Mac.
Pricing for repairs varies depending on the labor (time) and part cost. And of course, repairs performed under Apple's Limited Warranty or AppleCare Product Coverage are covered by Apple*. 
AppleCare Service Charges may apply to repairs involving accidental damage.

A sampling of prices for common services:

Description Price
Estimate Fee: Includes 1st hour of labor for non-warranty repairs  $90.00
Customer approved data back-up of OSX HD partition $99.00
Malware Remediation and Prevention $99.00
iOS Device Erase and Restore to Current Factory Settings $49.00
Back-up and Transfer of iOS Device Data $69.00
In House Service Labor /Hour  ( 1 on 1 Training or Consulting) $90.00/hr
Onsite Service Labor /Hour  $149.00/hr