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Already have an IT department but need to support a small group of Apple product users? Need somebody to take care of those users but can’t justify a full-time employee? The MacCafe can provide you with Apple expertise by supplementing your existing IT staff, or if preferred, training your IT personnel to handle the Mac users’ needs.

Our technical staff has years of experience servicing and supporting Macs and Apple products. We can provide technician staff on a set schedule, or on an on-call basis to help make your Mac users happy and productive.

With the on-call program, your needs will take priority and we will service your users with the expediency you expect from an internal staffer.

With the regular schedule agreement, we will be at your facility or place of work at an agreed upon schedule to address issues, perform maintenance and answer questions while there. Additionally, we can be available to your people for emergencies or unexpected situations.

Whether you have us on-call or on-schedule we will familiarize ourselves with your networks and procedures. This way we can help your people do what they need to do while we take care of their computers.

The onsite MacCafe enhancement program also saves you money by charging a reduced bill rate for services. Additionally, under contract, you will have priority over other customers.

Saving are based on a normal bill rate of $150/ Hour with travel at $50/ hour.