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MacCafé Service Club Plus is a special service maintenance program for our customers’ computers. It is designed to help keep track of the health of your Mac and give you priority service at the MacCafé.


MacCafé Service Club Plus employs software agents to systematically detect potential issues while monitoring the health of your computer, report problems, and keep it up-to-date. In addition to all the benefits of the Service Club we will also manage your computers. This includes scheduling updates, patches, and system maintenance. Service Club Plus also give our experts the ability to remotely connect to your computer to fix issues and provide support or assistance. When the remote software is active you will have a banner notifying you that we are there. Remote access requires that you be present on your computer when we remote in.


MacCafé Service Club Plus not only helps prevent problems before they start but can also help fix small problems before they become disasters. With the software scanning 24/7/365, errors are sent to our highly trained Apple Certified Technicians. If a problem is found while scanning we will contact you about the issue and let you decide how to proceed. We are also able to render remote support to make your fix go faster and at a lower cost.


Service Club+ is $99/year/computer with a family plan at $329.00/year. The family plan covers up to 5 computers.


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