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Upgrade your Hard drive to an SSD

Call us or bring in your computer for a hard drive upgrade to a new super-fast SSD hard drive.

Upgrade your old spinning platter HD to a new SSD. Bring new life to your older Mac. Upgrade your Mac to a newer operating system.

Apple's latest operating systems are designed and tuned to work best with solid state storage. Add an SSD and see how much more productive your Mac can be. Don't wait for your computer, let your computer wait for you!

MacCafé has upgraded literally thousands of Mac hard drives to SSDs

Get your old, spinning platter hard drive upgraded to a new super-fast SSD - installed by MacCafé expert techs who know your system. Our Apple trained and certified experts have years of experience. We have the parts, experience and knowledge to safely upgrade your Mac’s storage!

  • Upgrade old hard drive
  • Convert a Fusion Drive to a new SSD
  • Make your system amazingly faster
  • Add years of usable life to your computer
  • Safely move your data to your new high-speed drive