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WS Monitor allows you to supervise the state and condition of your computers, keep track of the health of your systems, and address small issues before they become major problems. WS Monitor gives you peace of mind by minor failures can be addressed and resolved before they become major problems. Monitoring is available to give you peace of mind for Macs, Windows and Linux workstations, and servers. 

The monitoring agent reports over an encrypted connection to our tracking servers.  None of your proprietary information leaves your computer. Your business stays your business. No one sees what is on your computer or what you are doing, but instead, WS Monitor tracks the status of key system indicators, watching the general condition of the system's health.

Since WS Monitor is only scanning for problems, it does not change anything in your system. It lets the user or administrator handle issues that are found. Monitoring will not disrupt your work or slow you down.

WS Monitor is the first step in problem resolution. When an issue is discovered we are immediately notified. Key members of your staff can be granted access to the monitoring control panel to track the status of your workstations.

Other user-friendly features of WS Monitor include a Contact Menu and automatic updates. The Contact Menu gives you the ability to put common applications, websites, and information at the user's fingertips. As new features are added, the monitoring client will automatically update when the agent checks in.


WS Monitor tracks the following, with updates being added continuously: 




  • Attached UPS monitoring
  • Raid Status
  • Warranty status 
    Applecare coverage
  • Tests for numerous vulnerabilities
    OSX Malware
  • Time Machine monitoring
  • CCC Status
  • CrashPlan backup Checks
  • Boot volume capacity
    IO Errors
    Networking Errors
    Kernel Panics
    And Much More.
  • Windows Update
  • Antivirus Status
  • Memory Status
  • Firewall Status
  • Battery Status
  • Windows Activation
    Backups Status
    Windows Updates
    And Much More.
  • Crashplan
  • MySQL
  • Apache
  • Networking Issues
  • Memory utilization
  • Failed login attempts
  • Storage Utilization


Whitespace Monitor is included in Whitespace Manager